29 Oct 2014

Project Saurashtra- A Photographic Journey

The Journey of my work in Saurashtra region which is spread in western India, its beauty, its charm and its rich culture. I am reflecting the same through picture captured at various location of Saurashtra watermarked with the photographs.

A ship on Mangrol Port of Junagadh District, Saurashtra, waiting for the rainy season to abate and to get back to the sea for earning livelihood.

The camel cart which is very common in Saurashtra for fetching agriculture produces and inputs from one place to other. Earlier it was also an commuting mean of Saurashtra until "Chhakkda" took the place.

A sunset at Mangrol Port

While we were taining some farmers in Gurgadh village in Dwarka District, Saurashtra, about drought resilience this matured pals were in their own world. The dress is traditional wear of Saurashtra.

The Mangrol Port where fisherman can be seen fishing even during dusk and dawn

This highway takes one from Mangrol to Keshod in Junagadh District, Saurashtra, with an approx 4km of two sided Bargad trees or Ficus benghalensis decorating the road with natural tunnel, is a beautiful road to travel on.

The vehicle which is seen in this picture is also known as "Chakkadda" which is an integral part of Economic and Social life of Saurashtra, known for its cacophonous speed and low cost operation for travelling and maintenance,