9 Sep 2013

"Earth, Air Fire, Water and Ether" and the foul play of system

  Our body is made of above 5 components (Sreemad Bhagvatam) and we are destined to get back to it once we leave this body. Even all the disease which affects you is due to imbalances of all 5 elements yes they are Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether. What will follow let’s not judge it rather go through what I see, wish you to see it too or maybe you does not want to see it as it is a bitter real world and you still want to be in the virtual reality. Ah!! Sorry I don’t want us to digress. My intention is not to get back to the Dan Brown work (Angels and Demons) but I just want to bring your kind attention from your busy world of Social Networking, Job, Entertainment and Shopping to an emergency. Wait ! Did he say “emergency” what kind of, where is it, who is responsible, am I affected and there we go with all such background conversation starting to pour in our uneasy mind. What will follow will be some drastic ideas and or personal insanity, if you consider it as a common man and if you consider it thought provoking then you are one to spark it, charge it  and then try to make some difference.

What is there now to tell, to listen, to eat, to read to think it is like that and it is not like that, everything seems to be virtual (as I see it) from things I mention from around the world and not just my own nation (and lets not touch the vices in Indian subcontinent of rapes, corruption, riots religious extremism and cultural vanity). What we see, what we eat, what we listen, seems virtual or maybe we are still sleeping in a dream, in a slumber of which we never want to be brought out of. All we listen and see are lies which are being pushed through our throats via paid media, education system or which are bought and plot by the perpetrator organizations.   Falsehood, stolen truths, betrayal, infidelity, misappropriation of knowledge and ideas are their tools and thus we are being chased away from reality. This is we, those who are victims of power play or power hunger, this we who just know how to survive, this is we those who is seeing breach of humanity by worsening self-security from devils on every corner on every street to violate and shame humanity with malevolence of waged war, rape, riots, ethnic killing, violence.

    Apologies for being vague lets come to the point. Our five life components EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER and ETHER, being capitalized or say already been and made commodities for exchange for profit and business. War, killings, misery, monetary mileage taken, great push of poverty and alienation of people, from earth, fire and water is already seen by us. WATER being privatized and we are seeing resistance, be it in Bolivian Water War or Indian struggle in Uttarakhand and Himachal against privatization. People like Navleen Kumar been killed for fighting against EARTH been sold through illegal land mafias, alas! was stabbed 19 times on 19th June in Virar, Mumbai. Let’s not hide the systematic attack on different nations by USA to gain its control over FIRE (yeah I am talking of petroleum products) in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Syria (watch The Fair Game to know more what happened in Iraq). The fate is the leaders are awarded by Nobel Peace prize for waging war. The process reminds me of fiction written by George Orwell, “1984” where he talks about how the power players will justify the meaning, War is Peace, Love is Hate, Knowledge is Ignorance and see it is happening. Power plays to say yes we make war to bring peace, we hate people so that we can create brotherhood and we are being made ignorant continuously and we consider it knowledge. Coming to ignorance which they consider is the best knowledge for us common man. What time do we have to question the things what is wrong, but then where do we have time for it. I get into college, I get loans burdening myself, I get highly paid job or if not just a job, I slog today, I slog tomorrow and then where is the time for some intellectual churning to question what is wrong. But then when we get time we shop, watch IPL or soaps and just relax to get back to the same routine. The system is thus created. You work hard to get more money and you get more money and you shop more (here shopping is used not just for tangible commodity even the services as commodity) and when you shop more you are again giving more to the system  and then system recruits more or pay more making it a vicious cycle. And you are engaged in it whole life. Let me quote this from The Matrix which holds true for the system, That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Business men, teachers ,lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.” Well to be straight I am not talking of bureaucratic system in any country or political system but I am talking of a virtual system made to control us, control our day to day activity, our choices like dressing, eating and worst control of our thoughts, how we think and how we respond to system. This system is formed through a network between power players, busniess entities, media, educational institutions and Bretton Wood Instituions (WB, IMF, WTO, UN). Its them who have conspired everything.
    Still there is about to come hegemony of the system of the capital and not just capital but power maddened nations over our other life supporting elements. I am a dreamer but I am not the only one (like John Lenon) but then the dream will be real to see the day when comes the time of AIR getting commodified. Exchange for one unit currency for one breath, pay a dollar get one month of breath with discount or get a monthly package of permission to breath for your family and pets 100$ per month with 5 % discount. Alright let me jump back to ignorance again and making an analogy to the plot in “1984”. (Orwell, 1949)

Yes our thoughts are being controlled we are being governed by the multinationals.  Let us see this as an example. There is lie of beauty, beauty of skin with increased fairness, mark less, shade less all white skin, as black is ugly and so is brown. They will promise you to challenge your nature, a nature, the nature which has been developing itself since millions of years. They can challenge the supremacy and of nature and then earn huge money over it. They will make you fair from your facial skin to private parts, why not we human hate ugly, yes off course black or brown ugly. How can we forget their games of making world more promiscuous and beautiful through their sunglasses of cosmetics from head to toe. Why not a natural color is ugly and dull, not to mention we hate ugly, so they come up with endorsing the beauty with different colorful cosmetics. Yes it is their business and they have profit in it. It does not matter by creating such commodities; they are impregnating violence in humanity. A violence so egregious I am talking of which alienates ugly (their way of looking) from beautiful obviously white beautiful and thus alienates people, not only through seeding sense of superiority but a sense of inferiority which roots violence. Our lives have been flavored with lie, violence and fear. Yeah here comes another vice, a vice, the vice of fear. Fear, root of all miseries of world, cause fear is sin, fear is wrong life, fear is death of conscience. Fears we have of all type of. Fear of death, fear of longing, fear of survival fear of rejections. There are fears which is been pushed to our conscience, there is disease there is chemical weapon, there is economic downturn, there is fear for survival and worst of all is fear of public rejections. Yes they make it most out of your fear the most deadly business out of it. You will look confident only when you use fairness creams, you are not in vogue when you are not updated with latest gadgets and applications, you can overcome your fear and succeed when you drink some toilet cleaner (we can still believe on some Indian saints), insurances done on your fears. We fear for our religious suppression and we riot for it and, so do we fear the wrath of god. Its is our fear of God's mercy and his adulation which drags you to the devotional places and believe blindly even on self portrait Gods. It is our fear for our devotion in Stones while again and again said that he resides in every man (Bhagvad Geeta, 13:18, Krishna, 3000 BC), so why not pray each other, pray each other's feeling, their emotions, celebrate each other’s love, passion, freedom, our variations and pray every other being as god and goddess and then only we will be liberated. Liberation and Freedom is not what we celebrate from an oppression of oppressor over oppressed, nor it is something temporal or spatial, there is not a day or time for it, while freedom is surpassing our fears on a daily basis. Every second, every minute, from every potential fear we need to get liberated. Ultimately we will die, which is an ultimate truth and worst of all fear. When even a death you can't evade so what we all are evading from. Destroy your reputation, choose not where is comfort be fearless as it is fear which give birth to all virtual reality you see and where you see the pain~ Rumi. Well said and worth for getting situated in it to get peace in self .

    There are not just the above said 5 components but there are others too. Business it is for them in religion (check some telebrands), in friendship (the Airtel add), then festivals (now they will tell you that you will need sweet for festivals~ Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye), emotions, sexuality, beauty, knowledge, entertainment, sports. I know you will be think of me as a maverick I would love to be called so, but just think out of curiosity, questioning what yet not is questioned at-least to self. Is not it true as they have changed the definition of everything and every single thing which you think was of your need or you. We remember when things were less complicated when there were more curious questions asked to parents then Google mama, and then there were better sweets made at home then there were entertainments with all Ramleela played, then writing letters to your friends then What’s App. I know they have reduced our distances in terms of speed and time but don’t you think they have alienated us apart and pushed us to more virtual reality then real world. I am not making it so Utopian and very critical and totally against the wicked business but I am making you remind that there is a real world too. There are the 5 elements too which we all will be finally meeting with, through a truth which is unexpectedly expected and that is Death. In the end I will quote The Matrix, “Have you ever had a dream Neo, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream? How would you know the difference between the dream world, and the real world? (Wachowski, 1999)

    All we need to do is question and at-least make ourselves more conscientious  about the foul plays and try to make little change in ourselves cause their targets is not our essentials but our brains and the ideas which can trouble them.

“We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary; Thoughts live; they travel far”
 ~Swami Vivekanand


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