15 Jul 2012

The Civilization and its hu"MAN"ity

 Genesis 3:16. To Eve he said,  

  "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing; with pain you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you."

…and the judgement made. The judgement which will be true to all generation, a generation which she will raise in her womb, with pain, rule and desire attached to feminine. The judgement will prevail through actions taken by men. He will rule over you he will rape you, harass you, strip you, and molest you and you will bear pains for the reason you ate that apple. Any callous action of men will be due to your moral default. You will be accountable, for that lewd comment, for that trepidation when you walk alone in a desolated street, for that useless labour pain which cannot give a boy child, for that arousal or digression from humanity, for that scars of alcoholism, for that paradigm of being available when you imitate manly habits, for that rape, for that public strip, for that lower paid salary, for that working 24/7 as homemaker to just listen “what you do all day at home”. The judgement prevails. A judgement even if God (if he exists, enjoying the show) wants to change cannot help due to the hegemony of Adam’s masculinity. Inspite of changing minds of man he rather choose to dole sari to Draupadi, may be he also wanted to have Draupadi-Go-Round fun game. He missed the chance to give his men a lesson of wisdom, well he was a man too.  Had it been a lesson worth taught there itself, the number of Dusshashans today would not have increased. Kill them, break their thighs or hang them by their sexual organs they will prevail not as living being but as a system, an idea, the idea of patriarchy, prevailing since his period, which cannot die. It prevails as an idea from his holy texts to slang abuses in different society,

     It had always been that women’s eccentricity questioned by the society, throughout time and space whether she returned from bondage and had to give prove of celibacy by crossing fire, or when she tries to be rational for her rights, or when she chooses to raise voice against the existing hegemony.  The hegemony of awry power relation is lucid from home to school, textbook to religious books, work stations to research labs, music to movies, bureaucracy to army, there it is seen attached to every single constituent of our society. Pick up a school text book and see how a home is pictured as, “mom cooking food, dad reading newspaper and boy child playing with vehicles and machines while girl child playing with dolls.” How a boy’s nuisance behaviour, while girl child’s equanimity and calmness is considered normal. This normalisation is creation of division, deadly division. Women are compassionate, forgiving, and tolerant, this is naturalisation process which a woman undergoes at various level of society, and any digression from such behaviour is abnormal. Excuse me, this you have given her as values so that tomorrow she becomes vulnerable to one of lascivious man in society. Rather teaching our sons not to harass we teach our daughters how to dress, as some or the other egregious man will make it grim for her to walk, talk, act, make decisions, choose freely. Her inclemency towards the existing system is termed with bad names a bitch, a prost, an available chick. We worship women inside our houses and rape them and strip them on roads. No matter how many of them you identify, hang, and castrate they will emerge as an idea until value chains are percolated deep inside and challenge our society from education to upbringing, system by system which needed to be challenged radically, a system shift where role of cogent man is also needed. Certainly to make this shift we need to challenge our societal ideological attachments, myths, believes which have stereotyped women. Guwahati incidence was a slap on vanity of the civilization, to the civilisation which celebrates it erudite science to discover God’s particle and is most rational and logical and one who ridicules the tribal way of living. A living where they live nude but don’t rape, they get stuffs from forest but don’t deforest, but alas inspite of exhorting the lessons we have forgone from them. Question is on our humanity/ huwomanity whether we can be like them or just keep on sitting and making hot air discussions while watching our sisters, mother and daughters being desecrated publically again and again.

11 Jul 2012

Celeberating "God's Particle"

       "Ohh !! great we found the God particle", celebration happening, credit being distributed, hot air in society on the triumph of mankind, deciphering existence and revelation of mass; Earth, Human/Huwomen, Plants so on and so forth. Applause !! Applause in CERN, US, UK and yes in India, ohh well we give so many Indians, smart minds, beautiful minds into the Large Hadron Collision business.  India or rather Indian shining, our brains making difference in science, oh yes advance science Higgs and Boson science. We are advanced we are everywhere; we are oldest civilisation, enough moot happening around again hot air. Count on our Doctors, Engineers, Managers, Scientist entering into world market and yes we are celebrating unlike Sachin's 100th century, don't know what, their salary, their remittances, their ratios in foreign institutions or their NRI kids winning Spelling bee, becoming Mayor, touring space. Business happening, patient relieving, technology advancing on stake of Indian subsidies and resources. But who cares we need big salary, bulging bank balance good husband/ wife, simply a "settled life". The choice made is to strive hard for our survival, difference is, some have house, some have big, some have big big one.

 But wait the home we left behind how it looks like. Pestering and soring population (yes local and metros are not enough !!).   So and so, much farmers being dead, more lined upto to hang themselves or gulp pesticides to end the story, the story which someone he thinks, has written by default in hope of paraphrasing of life in reincarnation. More suicides and some more suicides, women farmer suicides (not counted they are not farmers), suicide of family, suicide of hope, of expectation, of accountability. Research happening  new pesticides being launched, suicides data soring, discovering new Bt crop, more data added, cut down of surplus and returns from soil more shoulder added to raise the fate of farmer from Vidharba, from Andhra, from Karnataka and yes Kerala and Punjab (development indicators can mislead). So what growth and development indictor GDP is on track. Gross Domestic product or rather I will say Gross Death Products. Yes !! 2,70,940 farmer’s ashes already mixed in khadars of Ganges since 1995 and  14,027 farmer's in 2011 alone. Were they destined or the digress in structure led them to their destiny. I will not put effort into elaborating the phenomenon well read, well understood and well talked about. Will thanks to P Sainath atleast justice to journalism is still happening around.

Ohh !! Pardon me for my insanity to digress from Rocket Science (promising one) to problems. We are not meant for them, we need something else a foreign degree, research more research, thesis more papers, more of A4 sheets, prints creation of knowledge, more creation, lot  more knowledge. But where is the wisdom of knowledge, action of knowledge, and transformation from knowledge. Ending up, there are certain questions can't a human brains and resource, which create a sophistication of rocket science or nano science working day night and reaching moon for no reasons, revealing God particle for no reasons, can actuate human minds to bring wisdom of the knowledge to ameliorate the disastrous step to sweep humanity, nature. Or we will be dumbstruck to the questions to our children who will ask us, where were you when it happened, when we were being poisoned via placenta, when our text book animals were live and being butchered, when tribes were being forced to be mainstreamed to join you in support of disaster, where were you where were you where were you. Reply it to them we were busy with earning, saving, shopping, watching TV, earning more, saving more shopping more.

“Earth is enough for men/women’s need , but not for man/women’s greed” ~ MK Gandhi